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Hangzhou Jieda Friction Material Co., Ltd. is located in Yiqiao Town---a key industrial town in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City. The town boasts beautiful environment and convenient communication facilities. It is a high-tech company staffed with a team of engineers, technicians, administrators and skilled artificers specializing in powder metallurgic research. The number of technicians accounts for 27% of the total. The company was certified with ISO9001: 2000 Quality System and awarded the certificate issued by China Import & Export Quality Certification Center in 2001. The enterprise now employs over 120 workers and produces over 100 pieces of friction sheets annually.
The company operates in both R & D and manufacturing. Its main products include copper-based powder metallurgic friction sheets, clutch sheets, braking sheets, coupling components and paper-based non-metal friction sheets. The copper-based powder metallurgic friction sheets are manufactured with standard national formula, mature process and special equipment, feature high friction coefficient, long abrasiveness, stable clutching performance, gentle braking and high-temperature resistance etc. and are widely used in the mechanic transmission and gearbox and braking units.
Since ten years ago when it was founded, the company has been awarded “Advanced Enterprise” many times. Its customers are scattered around the whole country. The company has established long-term cooperation relation with a number of large enterprises. Its products also are sold in the United States, Canada and east and west Asia etc., highly appreciated and favored by broad users.
It has been the company’s operation tenet to “meet the customer’s need with first-rate quality and develop the company with sustained improvement”. We welcome all the customers from China and abroad to contact us, provide drawings or samples to us, place orders or tailor-making order to us. We are ready to serve you with excellent service.

ADD: Luomu Industrial Zone, Yiqiao Town,
             Xiaoshan, Hangzhou City